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Blog moved to Azure App Services

I decided to use Azure App Services to host this new version of my blog,

This removes the requirement to manage any host OS and allows tons of other features like scale up & scale out in case we get really busy (unlikely!) and deployment slotting for smoother version transition and rollback.

Here is a quick overview on how to create a WordPress site in Azure App Services:

Create a new resource and search for WordPress, there are a number of options depending on what underlying OS you wish to run on but I use the standard WordPress service.

Once selected hit Create to load up the AppService blade to begin the configuration

Give the Azure App Service a name and select your usual configuration for subscription and resource group,

A new database provider needs to be created for the WordPress SQL database, I am using the Azure MySQL (Preview)

Next select a service plan, I have gone with S1 Standard for now but this can be scaled up or down at any time

The costs of each plan can be calculated here:

Configure the database settings and security

Hit create to deploy the new service and wait around 2 minutes for this to be provisioned.

Once the deployment is complete browse to “App Services” and select your new app,

Within the properties you will see the URL (mine has been changed for production) this will send you to the vanilla WordPress deployment screen

This makes management a lot simpler and I had £75 Azure monthly credit burning a hole in my pocket so I put it to good use.

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